Memphis Sport Shooting Association


Vice President of Action Pistol: Walt Sawher

USPSA Multi Gun Steel Challenge

Multi or 3 Gun Competition

As the name suggests, Multi-gun or 3 Gun involves competitors employing one or any combination of three guns (rifle, shotgun and handgun) in a rigorous, defined course of fire. It requires the shooter to combine safety, speed and accuracy while engaging differing target types from a variety of shooting positions and movement. Targets will vary from steel poppers, to static clays and pigeon flippers to USPSA metric/classic targets and ½ IPSC targets. Additionally, we use flash targets, self-resetting poppers, and steel silhouettes out to 300yds.

MSSA holds a 3 Gun match once a month, normally on the third Saturday of the month. Walk through at 0930 and first rounds downrange by 1000. We usually set up  a total of 5-6 stages in a variety of bays on the AP course and the Old Norris range for longer range stages. We use IMGA scoring rules for our matches. Those rules are found at this link: MSSA IMGA MULTI-GUN RULES

If you elect to join us, you will register by class and division at the clubhouse on the AP course. Match fees are $10 for MSSA members and $12 for non-members. For new shooters, I cannot emphasize enough the need to review the MSSA IMGA rules before coming to your first match so you understand the need for our necessarily stringent safety requirements. Additionally, the rules will describe the different classes, weapons requirements and scoring. Other questions can be resolved during the walkthrough.

For those of you who haven't shot with us before, no steel core ammo or M855/SS109 on any long range steel rifle targets. No rifles, slugs or buckshot on any steel targets on the AP course. Shot size for birdshot must be 7 1/2 or larger (8,9’s). MSSA is run as a cold range, so no magazines in guns or gun handling north of the AP road unless you're in a safety area. Handguns are required to be 9mm or larger. No loading of weapons other than at staging tables (for shotguns, no chambered rounds) or until given a “make ready” command by a RO. There are safety areas between most bays that are the proper place for un-bagging handguns. No ammo in guns or ammo in magazines in guns in the safety areas.

A chamber flag is required for all long guns at MSSA ranges. The club house sells them for $1.00 each if you need them. Pick them up before the match. Round counts vary month-to-month, but if you have 100 of each weapons rounds, you should be good to cover the entire match. We occasionally use shotgun slugs and buckshot, normally not more than 10 each. Standard IMGA buckshot rounds for 12 gauge are 2 ¾” 00. Please note for 20 gauge shooters, #3 buck is the standard. #3 buck is not the same as #3 shot.

Remember; three times the guns, is three times the fun! - Tom Ross

IDPA Matches

Listed below are some common procedures regarding the conduct of IDPA matches. Please note that the MSSA IDPA routine schedule is the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, unless match director Randy Richardson emails revised information due to inclement weather or other unforeseen range conditions.

  • Set up on Friday afternoon determined by the Match Director, Randy Richardson via email
  • Final set up on that Saturday at 7:30 AM
  • Sign in starts at 8:30AM
  • SO meeting at 9:15AM
  • Walk Thru and 9:30AM
  • Start shooting around 10AM
  • Goes to about 1PM depending on the number of shooters
  • We sometimes shoot the stages again after the lunch break called "2nd Gun". This will be determined by Match Director, Randy Richardson after 1st Gun.
  • Shooters should have some understanding about the IDPA rules, proper gun gear, shooting attire and concealment garment.  Go to the IDPA website.
  • Must be an IDPA member after shooting one match via the IDPA website.
  • You do not have to be a member of MSSA to shoot IDPA
  • Fees: $12.00 for non-members  $10.00 for members (cover both 1st and 2nd Gun)