Memphis Sport Shooting Association


Vice President of Rifles: Mike Moses

Opossum Hollow – 1st Sunday of each month. Sign in at the old clubhouse at 8 AM and match starts at 9 AM. Guns in match range from custom light gun and custom heavy gun. The shooter picks which class they want to compete in and we shoot factory class. Bring at least 40 rounds of ammunition. We use the pits and follow IBS sighter and record times.IBS 600 yard Benchrest – We shoot 5 SOY (Shooter of the Year) points matches per year. Matches are conducted according to
International Benchrest Shooters Rule Book. We shoot light gun, heavy gun, and factory class. 20 record rounds per class plus sighters.

The updated
MSSA Mid-Range Prone 600 Yard Match Program will be in effect throughout the remainder of 2018. Follow this link to the Midsouth F-Class/Mid-Range Prone website for a complete overview of the discipline.

Further information regarding the conduct of matches is available at the MSSA 600 Yard IBS Benchrest website.