Memphis Sport Shooting Association


Initiation Fee – $500
Dues – $300 annually
Spouse – $25
Children 23 & Under – Free
Background Check – $40
NRA – $35 annually

Applicants for MSSA membership must pay a one time initiation fee of $500.00.  The initiation fee plus one year's annual dues ($300) must be submitted with the application for membership.  Applications are considered monthly.  Annual dues are due on the anniversary of the original membership date.

Associate memberships are available for spouses of MSSA members, and a Junior membership is available for dependent children. No initiation fee is required for associate members. Recurring annual dues are $25.00 per year.  Dependent children under the age of 24 are considered Junior members and incur no membership fees. 

All memberships are probationary for the first 12 months. 

At the time of application, Associate and Junior members (over 18) will be charged half price for their background checks.  If the background check is added later, the full price ($40) of the background check will be charged.